Quotes and Reflections #1

Your life — with all its complications and joys — is a priceless gift. Appreciating this, ‘what’s wrong’ becomes far less pressing.

I am going to start posting quotes and reflecting on what they mean to me!

Today, some 12 Step slogans (from https://quizlet.com/125636158/nb-slogans-flash-cards/):

  1. ‘Keep It Simple’ (For me, it is incredibly helpful to not over-complicate things)
  2. ‘This, Too, Shall Pass’ (The good, the bad and the ugly. It has in the past, and will again)
  3. ‘Feelings are not Facts’ (This helps me a lot when I feel down, nervous, unsure or am in a bad mood)
  4. ‘Easy Does It’ (I am not a robot. I need to self-care)
  5. ‘Keep Coming Back’ (This helps me persevere- with work, family, friends, problems etc.)
  6. ‘Live and Let Live’ (I have learnt to be happy for and accepting of others. That doesn’t mean I need to be their friends, or even enjoy their company. )
  7. ‘Recovery is a journey’ (I have still got a lot to learn)
  8. ‘More will be revealed’ (I will continue to grow)