QAAD Conference 2016

I am so glad I went to QAAD Conference 2016.


Dennis being himself, I felt we were all being as authentic!

What I gained from it

  • Being part of this loving and understanding community is precious and important to me.
  • I was able to contribute from my own life honestly and openly
  • I was able to listen to so many F/friends share so honestly about how addiction has touched their lives
  • It was a real pleasure to meet Prof Chris Cook and his wife Joy. They were both wonderfully honest, caring and open
  • I feel grateful we set up an email group to keep in touch between conferences.
  • The theme was great- ‘Making a Difference’. We all make a difference- and the ‘small differences’ we make in our day-to-day lives soon act up to something wonderful and profound
  • It was expertly organised, creating a safe space for discovery, disagreement and honest sharing. I could be myself!

I was put in the room Gandhi stayed in on his visit. I bet he’d have enjoyed the weekend and felt welcome!