Stephanie Dowrick & My Growth

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24.09.2015- 570 words


Stephanie Dowrick’s work has been hugely influential in my life. I’ll introduce her work by connecting it to the story of my life in the last seven years. Her work has become a part of my life, and so I want to take you through it in the way that I have been changed by it.


I first came across her when I had been in twelve-step recovery for two years. The Twelve Steps teach a gentle, loving way to transform oneself, rather than the rational, linear solution many self-help books promise. I saw Stephanie’s ‘Forgiveness and Other Acts of Love’ in the library I work in I had never read a book quite like it. She writes of the seven humane virtues in such honest and practical ways I could relate to. I was hooked!


I bought ‘Choosing Happiness’ next. This has become over time my favourite book. It is one I refer to as my bible, and I return to it almost daily. It is 700 pages of the most practical tips on how to be happy in all senses of that word. There is also an audio version of the book, which has become the background soundtrack to my life, as I have it on when time permits, certainly on a daily basis.


Linked to this, Stephanie has written numerous books on the application of spirituality to psychology, covering the minute, daily choices we make. ‘Everyday Kindness’ is a fantastic, very readable example of this, which covers parenting, work choices and many more topics. ‘The Universal Heart’ is an even longer exploration of spiritual psychology, covering many common issues such as anger, assertiveness, etc.


There are also a couple of beautifully-produced short books of quotes. ‘The Almost Perfect Marriage’ has very practical tips on relationships.’Daily Acts of Love’ is a wonderful collection of Stephanie’s insights on daily living.


Stephanie is a trained Interfaith Minister, and has a deep understanding of the world’s spiritual paths. ‘Seeking the Sacred’ is an incredible overview of spirituality, drawing on all the world’s religions. ‘Heaven on Earth’ is a wonderful compendium of the world’s most inspiring prayers from all religious traditions, and prayers Stephanie has written herself. ‘Heavenly’ is a CD of music co-created with Kim Cunio. He also contributes to the Interfaith Services she holds at a church monthly in Sydney, Australia.

Stephanie also has articles on her website and runs a ‘Universal Heart’ Book Club on Youtube Finally (!), Stephanie studied a PhD in the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke, and produced the highly-readable book ‘In the Company of Rilke’.


Stephanie has inspired me to live out my faith, and look at my own behaviour rather than judging others. I am sure I’ll keep learning from her for the rest of my life. I love producing cards with quotes on, and I have made many of her quotes from Choosing Happiness into mantra cards that I use daily. I’d love to see Stephanie talk again in the UK (she was a main speaker at the 2007 Sea of Faith Conference).

Julian Wood



’Daily Acts of Love’

‘Heaven on Earth’


‘In the Company of Rilke’

‘Seeking the Sacred’

‘The Almost Perfect Marriage’


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