The 95% we all share

What unites us is central


One of the gifts of a spiritually-led life is that we can reflect on what unites us as well as what divides us from other people.

I struggle with attending church- but then often think, ‘Hang on- I agree with all of Christianity apart from the church dogma’.

This is a creed I can sign up to- and I think almost all Christians, non-Christians and people of other faiths can sign up to as well. Can you?

Ø I believe in the centrality of love in life- that we are here to love and care for each other.

Ø I believe in the great value of life in all its manifestations- in the value of each human life, in the lives of animals and of all nature

Ø I believe there is a dimension beyond the eyeryday- I call this the transcendent. Christians call it a variety of things, including the Holy Spirit, God and Jesus. It is summed up in Pierre de Chardin’s famous quote “We are spiritual beings living a physical life”

Ø I believe in the importance of faith- as do we all. We need faith to walk out of our front doors and trust that the ground will not collapse under us, to quote Desmond Tutu.

Ø I believe in the moral aspect of life, as did Martin Luther King. That breaking a moral law, such as murder or hating someone, has a moral consequence, and that these laws are just as important as physical laws.

Ø I believe in the value of trust between people for healthy relationships, and trust in ourselves.

Ø I believe that I do not have the whole truth, and that I need to live in community to understand myself and others fully- that there is a wisdom beyond my own wisdom and that of other individuals

As I see it, these beliefs are far more important than church dogma- I see them as the 95% on which all humanity virtually can agree on- and the 5% of other beliefs (concerning whose God is ‘right’ etc.) as relatively unimportant.

And this gives me great hope. If we all share this 95%, we all share religion.

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