What a gift photography is

What a gift photography is
Photography is for me one of the many everyday things which infinitely enrich our spiritual lives, but we take for granted, as it seems so much part of our lives that we can’t imagine life without it. Into this category I can add television, electricity, transport, running water.
Before photography, how did people recall how their loved ones look, or used to look? How did people keep their loved ones in their hearts when away from home or lonely?
I post uplifting quotes on the internet, accompanied by pictures of cute animals such as cats and hamsters. Such photos are inspiring and comforting. Photo by photo, they help me focus on my spiritual path.
So photography is a deeply spiritual medium, even ‘everyday’ photos that we take of family and friends. They help us re-live experiences, remember what we’ve done and when we did it. They show us how we’ve changed and who has been dear to us in the past. A photo of a loved one can re-assure us, make us feel loved and help us love that person. Simply looking at a photo is a simple and effective meditation. And like the best spiritual practices, it is one we can indulge in on a daily basis, or even more often.
My spiritual hero, Stephanie Dowrick, reminds me that what we focus on on a daily basis is clearly reflected in how we feel and how well we relate to others. So let us spend time daily looking at photos that amuse, soothe and soften us, and we will be more loving people- the most spiritual outcome I can imagine.