The Revolution Will Be Televised

I’d like to draw your attention to the excellent (in my opinion) BBC3 TV series ‘The Revolution will be Televised’, which aired in 2013. It covers very serious political and ethical issues, yet is very humorous. It reminded me of ‘Trigger Happy TV’, as it features members of the public who are involved in the various stunts the comedians set up. I find comedy an excellent way to engage people in serious societal issues, as it is more accessible (and more hopeful?) than a news report or documentary. The comedians who developed this series are involved with the website ‘Don’t Panic’ and are interviewed here

Throughout the years, the arts (theatre, music, comedy etc.) have been used to draw attention to societal issues. The comedy ‘Yes Minister’ is a good example. Satire has a rich history, too. The early songs of U2 are politically-inspired. The Arts allow us to look at issues from a different perspective, and often with greater insight.

I also find prayer and meditation important in how I consider and ponder on political and societal issues. For example, I srongly dislike many policies of attitudes of the Conservative Party, including those of David Cameron. Yet at Morning Prayer at Bristol Cathedral, which I attend some mornings, we pray for the Prime Minister, and this makes me feel compassion and even love for him as a person.

One of the (many) things I greatly appreciate about being a Quaker is that political and societal issues are seen as very important, and not to be ignored, trivialised or over-simplified.