Hello world!

PEPIN series : fashion, textiles & patternsThis is my new blog.

I read today that writing once a month on your blog is enough, so that is what I’ll aim for- that sounds manageable

I want this blog to be my reflections as I try to bring together my insights and knowledge from my chief interests- mental health, twelve step recovery, spirituality and Life (the last one is a catch-all interest!)

Well, I feel blessed to be studying an MSc and so learning to reflect on learning, write clearly and present ideas.

I am excited what can be done when one knows useful things and how to share the ideas

Today I came across this http://www.mindandsoul.info/Group/Group.aspx?ID=196758 . For me, evangelical churches and teaching helped me in my early 12-step recovery. Especially http://media.willowcreek.org/ Now they are less useful.

I am writing an essay on leadership, and this led me onto Business Ethics, this website has tons of good links for real-world examples of business ethics http://global.oup.com/uk/orc/busecon/business/cranebe3e/01student/case_weblinks/ch01/

That’s all for now! x


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